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You have a story and you want to tell it to the world. But where to begin? I can help you with that. Because no matter what format we use - from ink on parchment to the social media channels we use now and will use in the future, it all comes back to telling the story; telling your audience all about you.


This is my most recent real estate feature. (Spoiler: You've never seen a house like this one!)

I also write about the arts and local non-profits.

I get published monthly. Be sure to stop back and see what's most recent.

Recently we featured weddings. I got to talk with two very happy couples. See the interviews here... and here.

A startup non-profit with a big heart - literally. 

And now for something completely different...a B2B piece to add to the portfolio.

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About Me

Me? I've been a freelance writer (yes, paid) for many years, covering non-profit special events, creating personal profiles, general articles and features on homes, decorating, women in business and more. In "real life" I have a marketing/public relations/communications background and I've worked for architects, anchors, archivists, actors, administrators, advisers, and that's only the A's. My work as a generalist has given me a well-rounded background and a keen interest in a wide variety of topics. Contact me. How can I help you?



Cleveland, Ohio


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